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Market approval for Montenegro is based on CE marking

Radio Equipment Directive is the basis for approval for the Montenegrin market.

The Republic of Montenegro is currently not part of the European Union. As far as the approval of products with radio technologies is concerned, Montenegro has anchored the approval provisions in the national regulations on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment in line with the EU requirements.

In order to market a product using radio technology in Montenegro, manufacturers need to have the product tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive. The resulting CE marking not only allows market approval for Montenegro, but also for the countries of the European Union, as well as for a large number of other countries that use the Radio Equipment Directive and the CE marking as the basis for market approval.

The CE marking is permanently valid, so that unchanged products do not have to be re-certified. For approval, manufacturers must schedule between six to eight weeks. After certification, a manufacturer is required to visibly display the CE mark on the product, packaging and, if applicable, in the enclosed instructions.

As CETECOM, we offer our customers all services required for European market approval. As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, we carry out measurements in accordance with the requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) in our laboratories, and our Notified Bodies then take care of the approval process. Throughout the entire testing and certification process, we handle the project for you and thus ensure rapid approval for the European market, while at the same time advising you on which other international approvals can be efficiently achieved on the basis of CE certification.

On our website you will find more information about our full product testing and certification services. You can also find further information on the RED specifications and the associated certification label, as well as many other approval regimes in our certification database CETECOM CERT.


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