A test device to check whether components meet the necessary conformity requirements

Environmental Simulation Tests

Environmental simulation tests

Many products are exposed to environmental influences such as vibrations and mechanical impact during transport or operation. Very often, products also have to withstand thermal influences, humidity or excessive solar radiation.

By simulating changing environmental influences, cetecom advanced’s environmental testing laboratory can verify whether components meet the necessary conformity requirements in terms of safety and functionality. Environmental testing can be performed on almost any industrial material and is important for companies in all sectors, whether automotive, consumer electronics, medical or household appliances.

Our service portfolio

The environmental testing center of cetecom advanced is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and offers a range of state-of-the-art test equipment to test the durability, long-term behavior and aging effects of a product under various simulated conditions.

We perform testing according to international standards or customer-specific standards, which include the standards of many automotive manufacturers. Our environmental simulation testing services include a variety of disciplines.

Climate testing

In our cetecom advanced laboratory we offer climate tests according to a large number of standards:

  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-1
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-2
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-14
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-30
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-38
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-41
  • Test according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-48
  • Test according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-78
  • Testing according to DIN ISO 16750-4
  • Testing according to ISO 19453-4

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring facilities and our climatic chambers allow tests
of test specimens of various sizes under a wide range of conditions.

Here is an overview of our climatic chambers with different sizes and temperature ranges
– applicable for testing electronic components, devices and systems:

  • Test chambers up to 1600 x 2130 x 2100 mm.
  • Temperature range from -70°C up to +300°C
  • Humidity from 10% to 95% RH

In this environment, we can perform temperature shock tests, intergas atmosphere tests, dewing tests,
and thermal cycling tests, among others, at up to 10 k/min under standard conditions, < 10s under shock conditions.

Vibrations and shock

Our laboratory equipment also allows us to perform tests under the influence of vibrations and shock.

We are accredited to perform these tests according to the following standards:

  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-6
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-27
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-29
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-47
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-57
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-64
  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-80
  • Testing according to DIN ISO 16750-3
  • Test according to ISO 19453-3

Test specimens with a mass of up to 1,600 kg can be tested in our shakers,
taking into account the following parameters:

  • Vibration displacement up to 3 inches
  • Test piece mass up to 1600 kg
  • Sliding table for horizontal vibration
  • Reinforced support for vertical vibration
  • Sine up to 220 g (peak value)
  • Random vibration up to 180 g (effective)
  • Shock up to 500 g

The following test scopes can be performed:

  • Sine
  • Random
  • Sine on Random
  • Random on Random
  • Mechanical Shock
  • Shock Response Spectrum
  • Resonant Frequency Analysis
  • Real time profiles

Tests on the crash and shock test stand

The crash and shock test stand is located in a fire-protected area and can be used universally, including for critical test items such as batteries and airbags. Test items weighing up to 600 kg can be tested there at speeds of up to 70 km/h and a maximum of 70 times the acceleration due to gravity.

In addition to real crash tests, we can also perform tests with positive acceleration and negative acceleration (defined deceleration).

  • Vmax: 70 km/h
  • Test piece mass: max. 600 kg
  • Carriage size: 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Driving force: 900 kN
  • Acceleration: 70 g
  • Stroke: 1100 mm
  • Impact block: 8 t

Corrosion tests

The walk-in salt spray chamber can be used to simulate corrosion behavior when exposed to salty air, salty mist or salt spray.

  • Floor area of the chamber: 3 x 2 m
  • Floor load: max. 1000 kg/m²
  • Corrosion tests according to DIN EN ISO 9227, DIN EN IEC 60068-2-11, DIN EN IEC 60068-2-52 and ASTM B 117 / etc.

Tests in the vacuum chamber

This test method allows the simulation of an air cargo under vacuum conditions. Space applications can also be tested.

  • The chamber realizes negative pressure up to 1 kPa
  • Suitable for test item sizes up to 2000 x 1500 x 500 mm and mass up to 500 kg
  • Temperature up to 200°C
  • Altitude simulation tests according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-13 / DIN EN IEC 60068-2-41 / etc.

Tests of different IP protection classes

This is a procedure for classifying the degrees of protection of electrical equipment.
It concerns the ingress of foreign objects, dust or water.

Testing of protection against different types of water according to valid standards:

  • IP Code tests according to DIN EN 60529, IEC 60529 and ISO 20653.
  • IPX1 to IPX8, IPX6K and IPX9K
  • available space in IP test chamber (2nd code): 2500 x 6000 mm
  • test piece mass: up to 300 kg
  • turntable diameter: 1500mm

Testing of protection against dust with different types of dust according to IP1X-6X:

  • talcum dust
  • Arizona dust (fine or coarse)
  • chamber parameters: 1100 x 1200 x 900 mm
  • Test piece mass: up to 300 kg
  • Compression: 3-6 bar

Sun simulation testing (artificial weathering)

Environmental testing also includes sun simulation testing, for products that are directly or indirectly exposed to the sun.

Our services:

  • Testing according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-5
  • Testing according to DIN 75220
  • Testing according to ISO 4892-1
  • Testing according to ISO 4892-2
  • Testing according to ISO 4892-3
  • Testing according to VW PV 3930
  • Test according to VW PV 3929
  • Test according to SAE J2527
  • Testing according to SAE J2412
  • Test according to ASTM G155 etc.

Test parameters:

  • Outdoor and indoor testing
  • Temperature range: -40 to 100°C
  • Load capacity: 100 kg
  • Front & back spray / humidity

Chemical resistance tests

  • Chemical tests according to DIN EN 60068-2-74 / DIN ISO 16750-5 / VW 80000 / ISO 19453-5 etc.
  • Application methods: spraying / brushing / wiping / pouring over / dipping / submerging

Tailor-made environmental simulation tests

  • Tailor-made test profiles for testing based on DIN EN 60068-1
  • Consultation on service life, functional tests, etc.
  • Development of individual test plans and specifications according to customer requirements

Our equipment

We are happy to record test results for you with a high-speed camera, which result from crash tests,
shock or vibration tests and cannot be captured by the human eye.

  • 2500 fps (frames per second) in Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • 5300 fps in HD Ready (1280 x 720)
  • 10 000 fps in 640 x 480
  • Measured values acquired on the test specimen can be recorded at a sampling rate of up to 100 kSa/s
    and simultaneously recorded and displayed image-synchronously
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