GCF - Global Certification Forum

GCF Certification

For terminals and modules in the European mobile network

The GCF was founded in 1999 and quickly established itself as an organization for the regulation of products in the European mobile network. This makes the GCF a counterpart to the North American PTCRB, which takes care of usage in the American mobile network.

GCF certification is therefore necessary for manufacturers who wish to use their products in the European mobile communications network. These products include both terminals and modules.

The GCF Certification Process

The GCF defines a 6-step certification plan for the approval of a device or module:

The process to GCF certification (show graphic)

The roles of ACE and RTO

There are two entities within the GCF certification process that have specific roles:

  • Assessement Capable Entity (ACE)
  • Recognized Test Organization (RTO)

An ACE’s role within the process is to determine the scope of testing required to certify a product and assess all test results to ensure that the product meets all relevant certification criteria.

An RTO, on the other hand, handles the execution of the specified test plan.

Based on strict criteria in terms of expertise, qualifications and technical equipment, RTOs must be appointed by the GCF and must confirm these criteria on a regular basis.

Our services

We as cetecom advanced hold both relevant roles within the GCF certification process and are therefore an Assessement Capable Entity (ACE) and a GCF Recognized Test Organization (RTO) in our laboratories in Essen (Germany) Anyang (Korea) and Milpitas (USA).
We are recognized as an RTO and are therefore the ideal partner for GCF certification with more than 25 years of experience in the field of mobile communications.

For more information on the American equivalent, the PTCRB certification, click here.