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Smart Card Testing

Services regarding SmartCards for health, EMV standards & other applications

As a leading and independent full service provider for testing and certification of SmartCard, RFID and NFC related solutions, cetecom advanced’s worldwide operating division for SmartCard Technologies with laboratories in Saarbrucken (Germany) and Anyang (Korea) offers a wide range of debug and type approval services for banking and finance solutions as well as eIdentification, eHealth, eTicketing and Biometrics for cards and mobile. We provide our customers with extensive support related to SmartCard testing services and similar solutions for multiple industries and applications.

Test schemes and accreditations around eHealth - Gematik

SmartCards are becoming increasingly important in the health sector. They facilitate the administration of patient data and accounting for medical services rendered. Because they are easy to use, they also contribute to cushioning the cost explosion that is taking place in the health sector.

cetecom advanced also offers testing service for Gesundheitskarte terminals and connectors.

Gematik (Gesundheitskarte / german electronic health card)

  • Card interface testing (based on EMV Level 1 specification)
  • EMC testing
  • Electrical Safety

Test schemes and accreditations around eIdentification

cetecom advanced is the only testing body worldwide recognized by the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik / German Federal Office for Information Security) for the testing of the RF-interface of electronic travel documents.

cetecom advanced conducts the following certification tests:

  • BSI TR-03105, Part 2 (documents/card)
  • BSI TR-03105, Part 4 (reader devices)
  • Certification handling with BSI

Further services

In our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, we test electronic travel documents (passports and national ID cards) as well as the different development stages of these products (chips, inlays, etc.) according to national and international requirements. These services are also available for the corresponding reader devices. In addition, we support you in the handling of application formalities and the accomplishment of the certification procedure with the referring national certification authorities.

In addition to the BSI standards mentioned above, we offer test services according to the following specifications:

  • ISO/IEC 18745-2
  • ISO/IEC 10373-6

Test schemes and accreditations around Biometrics

Latest market data show that Biometric cards with fingerprint are accepted by consumers. The technology of Biometric fingerprint authentication makes payment easier and more secure, both in retail and in digital commerce (eCommerce). In particular, the increased security during payment transactions with the intensively tested fingerprint sensors and the sophisticated software algorithms is seen as a massive step towards fraud protection.

The current sensors are mature and can be used because years of experience in the field of identity documents (passport, ID card) can be drawn on here. The international standards for fingerprint technology (NIST, ISO, FIDO) are also taken into account for the new payment cards.

As a test laboratory, cetecom advanced has been involved with this new technology from the very beginning and got the accreditiations from Mastercard and Visa. Additional accreditations will follow.

Additionally, cetecom advanced is accredited and listed as Google corporation partner for Biometric Security Testing meeting Android’s requirements for fingerprint testing and face recognition.

What are the benefits for the card issuer?

The high acceptance of the Biometric payment card, which is of course contactless, has been accelerated by the developments of the Covid-19 Pandemic and has proven to be durable. Consumer confidence in card payments is thus increased for both the customer and the retailer (point of acceptance).

What is the test scope for Biometric card testing at cetecom advanced?

Quality assurance is a key step in the process of creating a certifiable Biometric identification or payment product. To optimize and guarantee high quality, cetecom advanced offers additional services for manufacturers and issuers of a fingerprint-based Biometric product to optimize the products during the different development stages:

  • Fingerprint sensor: Functional tests under clear test conditions and with defined acceptance criteria (FAR, FFR, IAPMR).
  • Biometric card products for the market: for example Mastercard, VISA
  • In particular, cetecom advanced provides a comprehensive test environment for Pre-testing and type approval (final tests for market launch).

Your partner for testing any payment technology

  • Reliable assistance and guidance from a single point of contact with a detailed project analysis in accordance with your special requirements.
  • Flexibility through short lead times and fast availability of test slots combined with remote access for debug testing – you can work at any time without regard to time zones.
  • Transparency through permanent data exchange, direct notification and support in failure analysis. You are always up to date on the status of your project.


Near Field Communication (NFC) is an extension of the existing SmartCard standards (contactless/RFID) that combines the interface of a SmartCard and a reader into a single device.

Our Lab offers different test services for NFC devices:

  • Qualification tests of NFC devices based on ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 10373


Whether RFID technology is used for ePassport, Contactless or NFC applications, cetecom advanced supports customers in setting and evolving the performance, ensuring that products meet the expectations for regulatory, quality, health, environmental and safety standards for almost any market around the world.


In Germany VDV eTicket Service GmbH & Co. KG (VDV-ETS) is responsible for the development of the VDV Core Application, the German standard of electronic fare management. To ensure interoperability, all eTicket applications must comply with this standard.

cetecom advanced has been designated by VDV-ETS, who manages the standard and offers services for system support, as the official test lab for conducting the related certification tests to make sure that all eTicketing systems are in compliance with the VDV Core Application.

To ensure proper implementation of all involved systems at a maximum reliability and security level all terminal types, background systems, SAMs and SmartCards will be tested following the VDV Core Application specifications. The referring test tools are provided by UL Transaction Security, well-known for its expertise in the field of test tool development.

cetecom advanced’s eTicket test spectrum following VDV Core Application comprise:

  • Qualification testing for SmartCards
  • Qualification testing for security modules
  • Qualification testing for terminals
  • Qualification testing on background system interfaces
  • Qualification testing on barcode readers

Requirement for qualification testing is physical testing and inspection of the Device under Test (DUT). cetecom advanced conducts this testing and inspection for the customers.


Our development team handles individual testing solutions for our own usage. At this, the competence of our networked team members reaches from software engineers over hardware specialists to mechanical engineers. With our way of interdisciplinary work and our infrastructure for fast and flexible solutions, we have created our own competence center.

We offer our own testing solutions for challenging applications also to our customers. In addition to existing solutions, we offer individual development within the area of our core competence, testing and certification. The scope of development projects can contain everything from consulting up to turnkey ready solutions. As a laboratory, we are close to our own products and understand the needs of our customers quite well. After a comprehensive needs analysis, we create a plan with test solutions that fit your individual needs. Let us introduce our expertise and some of the solutions we offer.

Over the last 10 years, we were able to gain experience in a wide area:

  • Software driven test automation
  • Test automation using robotic systems
  • Quality assurance solutions
  • Accreditation and validation solutions
  • Automation interfaces to devices under test
  • Downscaling of comprehensive lab solutions to product vendor requirements

Besides our own testing solutions, we were able to satisfy our customer requirements by individual solutions: 

  • Visa Terminal Cross Test Testbench
  • Visa Card Cross Test Testbench
  • Visa Cross Test Auditing solutions
  • Visa Middleware Reporting and Validation
  • Visa VCAS Interface validation
  • Visa Terminal Simulator Auditing Device


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Account Manager
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Bernhard Mommenthal
Account Manager
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Allen Kim
Team Manager Smart Card Korea
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Accredited testing services
around ePayment and SmartCard technologies

Based on various accreditations by international standardisation bodies, cetecom advanced offers consulting, testing and certification services for any type of payment devices like POS, mPOS, SoftPOS, ATM, card, mobile or wearables. The following overview shows our accreditations, as well as other services in the respective payment scheme:



  • EMVCo Contact Terminal Level 1 and 2
  • EMVCo Contactless Terminal Level 1 & Level 2
  • EMVCo Contactless COTS Level 1
  • EMVCo Terminal ESD Evaluation

Cards / Wearables

  • EMVCo Contact Card Level 1
  • EMVCo Contactless Card Level 1
  • EMVCo CCD and CPA L2


  • EMVCo Mobile Level 1 (Phase II)

3-D Secure

  • EMVCo 3DS Server
  • EMVCo Access Control Server
  • EMVCo Directory Server



  • Contactless Terminal Level 2 (Visa Contactless Device and Reader incl. Crosstesting)
  • Tap to Phone (SoftPOS, COTS)
  • Fleet

Cards / Wearables

  • Contact/Contactless Level 1
  • Application Level 2 (VIS, VCPS, VBSS, Multi Access, Prepaid)
  • VISA Seccos (VCPS)


  • Contactless Level 1
  • Visa Mobile Payment (incl. HCE)
  • Visa Mobile Payment Application (VMPA incl. UICC/SE)

Biometric Product Testing

  • Sensor & Algorithm (Fingerprint Sensor)
  • Biometric Sensor on Card
  • Biometric Sensor Performance

Level 3 E2E Testing


Acceptance Devices/Terminals

  • Contactless Terminal Level 2
  • Tap on Phone (SoftPOS /COTS)

Cards / Wearables:

  • Contact/Contactless Level1
  • Application Level 2: all M/Chip Technologies (including Biometrics)
  • Performance and Interoperability testing

Biometric Product Testing

  • Sensor & Algorithm (Fingerprint Sensor)

Level 3 E2E Testing


  • Mastercard Cloud Based Payments (MCBP)
  • Mastercard Mobile PayPass (incl. HCE/SE)

Formal Approval Service Provider

  • M-TIP
  • CPV



  • Expresspay (Contactless Terminal Level 2)

Cards / Wearables

  • Level 1 Contact and Contactless
  • Card Functional Level 2 (AEIPS & XPAY)


  • Level 1 Mobile Handset (UICC & HCE)
  • Mobile Functional

Level 3 E2E Testing



  • Contactless Terminal Level 2 ( incl. Cross Testing)SoftPOS (COTS)

Cards / Wearables

  • Contact/Contactless Level1
  • Contact D-PAS Card Application
  • Contactless D-PAS Card Application & Cross Testing


  • Mobile D-PAS Card Application (SE)

Level 3 E2E Testing



  • Acceptance Devices (Contactless Terminal Level 2)
  • Tap on Mobile (SoftPOS /COTS)

Level 3 E2E Testing



  • Acceptance Devices (Contactless Terminal Level 2)
  • SoftPOS (COTS)

Level 3 E2E Testing


Accreditations for

  • GiroCard and Network Components
  • GeldKarte & Secoder
  • Payment Network Host Systems
  • GBIC ATM System (GA 2021)
  • DC-POS 3.x / TA 7.x
  • OPT

cetecom advanced Test Tool

  • Web based Online Test Tool – “cetecom advanced Online Host”

KLSC (Korean Banking)

  • KLSC type approval process for credit cards and card readers


  • POl Terminal

BSI – German Federal Office for Information Security

cetecom advanced is approved by the BSI to perform the following smart card test services:

  • BSI TR-03105 Part 2 (electronic travel documents)
  • BSI TR-03105 Part 4 (ePassport reader devices)
  • Certification handling with the BSI

cetecom advanced is worldwide the only BSI-approved test laboratory for the testing of the RF interface of electronic travel documents.



VDV-ETS – VDV eTicket Service GmbH & Co. KG

cetecom advanced has been designated by VDV-ETS as an official test laboratory
and is accredited to perform the following test services:

  • Qualification testing for smartcards
  • Qualification testing for security modules
  • Qualification testing for terminals
  • Qualification testing for background system interfaces
  • Qualification testing for barcode readers


Biometric Product Testing

  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Face Recognition

CCC (Car Connectivity Consortium)

cetecom advanced is an ATL (Authorized Test Laboratory) for Digital Key

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