Large terrestrial satellite dish

Satellite Testing

Testing of satellite radio systems

cetecom advanced offers testing of satellite communication systems, regardless of whether they are used in mobile applications or at earth stations. These tests serve to verify the effective use of the frequency spectrum, compliance with satellite radio standards, transmission quality and interoperability. This process ensures interference-free and conflict-free satellite communication.

Services in the field of satellite communication

Our testing scope includes:

  • Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT); satellite receivers and transmitters with antennas
  • Satellite News Gathering, truck-mounted / Fly-away Transportable Earth Stations (SNG-TES)
  • Mobile Earth Stations (LMES = land mobile earth stations)
  • Maritime Mobile Earth Stations (MMES)
  • Mobile earth stations (S-PCN MES)
  • General purpose earth stations (GPES)
  • Fixed satellite earth stations (SES) with large antenna apertures
  • Satellite Interactive / User Terminals (SIT / SUT)
  • Receive only mobile earth stations (ROMES), TV Receive Only (TVRO)
  • Mobile Earth Stations (MES) using Low Earth Orbit Satellites (LEO)
  • AES (earth stations installed in airplanes)

cetecom advanced offers the following tests for market access in North America:

  • FCC: CFR 47 FCC Part 25 (USA)
  • ISED: SRSP-101 (Canada)
  • ISED: RSS 170 (Canada)