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Certification Bodies

cetecom advanced internal certification bodies - the direct path to market approval

By using certification bodies, manufacturers can use their products more efficiently and quickly in their target markets. Certification bodies, such as a Notified Body, are officially appointed or accredited by the respective authorities to carry out approvals on the basis of the authorities’ specifications. The advantage here is that the certification bodies do not necessarily have to be located in the target country.

Diversely positioned. Excellently networked.

As a recognized contact for the authorities, we take on the project management for market approval in over 200 countries and also ensure direct market approval in Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA with our own internal certification bodies.

Overview of the various certification bodies and their responsibilities
Certification Body Certification Region
Notified Body (NB) RED & EMC CE Marking Europe
Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) FCC Certification USA
Foreign Certification Body (FCB) ISED Certification Canada
Registered Certification Body (RCB) MIC Certification Japan

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