Measuring device for regulatory and development product testing

Product testing

Precision as a principle of success

We have made it our business to accompany our customers with care and commitment throughout the entire life cycle of their products. Because we can also take care of the certification for you.

  • Test laboratories accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025
  • Product testing according to various international specifications
  • Testing of technical standards for various target markets
  • Test reports recognized internationally by official bodies


Interchange at night from bird's eye view

We test what is wireless yet connected.

We offer a broad portfolio of regulatory and development support services and hold global accreditations for testing virtually all telecommunications products – and far beyond. Automotive components, industrial technology, medical devices, consumer electronics – all use wireless technologies to process information. Those who distribute their products globally have to comply with various country-specific requirements. cetecom advanced product testing guarantees maximum safety, because our engineers know what is important and what is right.

We do not only focus on regulatory radio tests. EMC testing, electrical safety testing, battery testing, environmental simulation testing or testing in our cetecom advanced Smart Card Technologies Competence Center provide a versatile portfolio of testing services.

Requirements for successful product testing

Before the process of market approval can begin, the tests required for certification must be carried out. The type and scope of the tests depend heavily on the technologies used and the specifications of the respective approval regimes. The point in time at which the approval process can start therefore depends to a large extent on successfully completed tests on the devices to be approved.

Testing situation in an accredited cetecom advanced laboratory

To ensure that the relevant tests can be carried out quickly and without problems and, above all, without delay, it is necessary that testable test specimens are provided by the manufacturer. Only with this kind of DUTs it is possible to perform the necessary tests.

Our technical project management team is available to provide advice and support even before the start of the project and prepares the DUTs in the best possible way before the testing process. Should any problems arise with the DUTs, the team is of course also available to advise you.

The cetecom advanced product tests

Overview of testable radio technologies