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Product certification

Diversity as a principle for the future

The market approval of products with wireless technologies is subject to different, sometimes very different, requirements depending on the country. There is no single program for product certification that allows manufacturers to approve a product worldwide.

cetecom advanced sheds light on the international certification jungle and supports you in developing a target-oriented strategy for market approval. As a recognized contact for the authorities, we take over the project management for market approval in over 200 countries and also ensure direct market approvals in Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA with our own internal certification bodies.

Know-how and flexibility for a world that is becoming increasingly complex

International market approval
  • Use of officially recognized certification bodies
  • International market leadership in product certification of automatic emergency call systems in vehicles
  • Timely product introduction to international target markets
  • Constant overview of current requirements of private certification regimes

This is how your product certification succeeds.

Primarily, there are two leading certification regimes to consider when launching products with integrated radio technology: CE marking and FCC certification. CE marking is essential for a market launch in Europe. By definition, certification based on EN standards (EU) and FCC only provides access to the EU and US markets. Independent certification of products for other markets is therefore necessary. However, the testing effort is manageable, since a large number of the regulations for market access are based on the two certification regimes mentioned above.

Whether for Germany, the USA or over 200 other countries worldwide – we at cetecom advanced are sure to find the right market access for your product.

Product certification by cetecom advanced

Product certification by country: comprehensive and up to date

Product certification for international market approvals shown on a world map

cetecom advanced can efficiently and cost-effectively certify to regulatory requirements for virtually any market. Our multinational teams of approval specialists leverage our long-standing contacts with official approval bodies worldwide and apply their broad experience in successful approval processing.

Highest competence in private certification regimes

While regulatory tests are binding for manufacturers, certification according to private approval regimes serves as an additional quality feature. Therefore, we also offer a range of processes in this area that are tailored to your product and provide decisive purchasing arguments in the form of well-known quality seals.

Bluetooth SIG

Wi-Fi Alliance

Wireless Power Consortium (Qi)





Certification bodies

Should you wish to register your products in Europe, the USA, Canada and Korea, we offer you the fastest possible market access. Our internal certification bodies are officially authorized to carry out market approval before the respective authorities. Fast, efficient and without the need to involve local authorities: Your market approval directly from one source.