Directional radio antenna

Directional Radio Testing

Compliance assessment
of radio relay systems

Given our directional radio testing expertise, we are able to certify radio relay systems by assessing their quality and compliance with industrial standards.

Services in the field of directional radio

We perform directional radio tests for you to the following guidelines and standards:

  • EN 302 217: “Radio relay systems; Markings and requirements for point-to-point equipment and antennas”.
  • EN 301 753: “Radio relay systems; point-to-multipoint equipment and antennas. General harmonized standard for point-to-multipoint radio relay systems and antennas”.
  • Reg TP SSB FE/OE “Interface descriptions for digital radio relay systems in the 4 GHz to 58 GHz band.”
  • SR 784.103.12/1.17 “Technical requirements for microwave radio relay systems 23 GHz to 38 GHz range” from OFCOM.

For market access in North America, cetecom advanced offers the following microwave radio relay tests:

  • FCC: CFR 47 FCC Part 101 (USA)
  • ISED: RSS 191 (Canada)