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Anatel Certification

Basis for market approvals in Brazil

Three product groups define the need for Anatel certification

Anatel certification is relevant for a wide range of products and has so far been divided into three different product categories:

Cat. I: Terminal Equipment

This category includes products such as cell phones, chargers for cell phones or modems. Approval for products in this category is valid for one year and ten to twelve weeks usually have to be planned for the certification process. so that the effort for manufacturers is reduced here.

Cat. II: Restricted Radiation Equipment

For this category, which includes products with WLAN, Bluetooth or radar technology, manufacturers must also plan a period of ten to twelve weeks for the certification process. In return, the approval is valid for a total of two years and also offers a modular certification process for unmodified devices, which reduces the effort required for recertification.

After expiration of the approval, modular recertification is possible for unchanged devices.

Cat. III: Remaining Radio Equipment

Products from this category (mobile signal transmitters, cable connectors, fiber optic cables) are permanently approved for the Brazilian market. This means that recertification is not necessary for unchanged devices. As with the other product categories, a period of ten to twelve weeks must be expected for approval.

For all three categories, the tests required for approval must be performed in a local laboratory on site. Furthermore, a local representative must be involved as part of the certification process. The final Anatel certification is ultimately carried out by a so-called Designated Certification Body (OCD).

Anatel certification label

The Anatel certification label

Successful Anatel certification requires manufacturers to display the associated certification label together with the approval number and the text of Resolution 506 on the product. According to Anatel specifications, the label must have a minimum size of 4 mm. If there is not enough space on the product, manufacturers can apply to the authority for an exception so that the approval information is only displayed in the manual. However, this requires the approval of the authority.

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As part of our certification services, we coordinate the entire Anatel certification process for you. Our experienced certification team performs the complete project execution, ensuring an efficient approval process including local reviews and coordination with local representatives for fast approval in the Brazilian market.