MII/NAL Certification Label

MII / NAL Certification

The certification for imported goods

For foreign manufacturers, NAL certification is mandatory for affected telecom products before a product can be imported and marketed in China.

Relevant product categories
for NAL certifications

Illustration of a MII NAL label

The first product categories for NAL approval were introduced in 2001, and there are now 28 categories from three different main groups:

  • Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
  • Radio communication equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment for inter-network connection.

There are now over 300 telecommunications products defined in the categories. These include communications or networking equipment with interfaces to public networks or wide area network (WAN) services. Common communications interfaces include T1/E1, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, ADSL, serial and analog PSTN.

If NAL approval is required for a product, this means that CCC certification is also required for the product. In addition, SRRC certification is a prerequisite for NAL approval.

Basic information for
MII / NAL certification

Validity 3 years
Lead time 12 to 14 weeks
Local testing required yes
Local representative required yes
Approval label required yes


Our services

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As part of our certification services, we at cetecom advanced offer our customers the coordination of all tests that need to be carried out on site and then take over the coordination with the Chinese authority and the local representative. Our experienced certification team will carry out the complete project handling for you, thus ensuring an efficient approval process and a fast approval on the Chinese market.