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Emergency Call Systems

Testing and certification of emergency call systems

We have always been a leader in the testing and certification of emergency call systems and support manufacturers in meeting even the latest requirements for the deployment and use of emergency call systems in vehicles or cell phones.

All accreditations
All accreditations

Our expertise in emergency call systems

We have been active in the testing and approval of emergency call systems since 2017. As part of the introduction of the eCall emergency call system for vehicles in the EU, we were involved at an early stage in the standardization and establishment of the specifications for eCall systems.

We also offer services for ERA-GLONASS, the counterpart of eCall for the Eurasian Customs Union, including ERA-GLONASS certification.

In addition to emergency call systems for the automotive industry, the European Union has also been calling for an expansion of emergency call systems for cell phones – the so-called E112 – since March 2022. Here, too, we are pioneers and were the first laboratory in the world to offer E112 testing and certification so that our customers could master the introduction of E112 on time.

eCall certification

eCall Logo

eCall is an automatic emergency call system for motor vehicles required by the European Union. Devices installed in vehicles are intended to automatically report a traffic accident to the single European emergency number 112 and, by initiating rescue measures more quickly, help reduce the number of traffic fatalities and the severity of road traffic injuries.

Our exceptional expertise in the eCall approval process and the technical know-how we have acquired over many years to carry out the tests required for approval make us your number one contact when it comes to eCall certification.

ERA-GLONASS certification

ERA-GLONASS test room

ERA-GLONASS (Accident Emergency System) was launched in January 2015 to save lives and speed up the care of accident victims on the road or in other emergencies.

We provide recognized ERA-GLONASS pre-testing and project management in the official certification process for the Eurasian Customs Union.

Thanks to our established partnerships – also outside Russia (Kazakhstan and Armenia) – and experience from many successful ERA-GLONASS projects with international automotive manufacturers, we ensure that your system (even in the current political situation) receives ERA-GLONASS certification as quickly as possible.

E112 certification

E112 Certification Logo

Manufacturers of cell phones in the EU have been obliged to integrate an extension of the emergency call functions – the so-called E112 – in their devices since March 17, 2022. This transmits location information to the emergency services in the event of an emergency call, so that rescue forces can arrive at the scene of the incident more quickly.

cetecom advanced was the first laboratory in the world to perform E112 testing with associated certification via a Notified Body. In addition, we actively drove the corrections of the technical specifications for AML (ETSI TS 103 625 and ETSI TS 103 825) and validated the first system-based test solution for E112 testing. Benefit from our experience on E112 and the validated test solution available in our test lab.

Accreditations in detail



Our laboratory in Essen and Saarbruecken are accredited by DAkkS in accordance with DIN ISO 17025 to perform a wide range of tests in accordance with EU specifications.

Detailed information on the scope of accreditation for our laboratories in Germany can be found on our accreditation overview.



Our competence in the area of testing and certification has also been repeatedly confirmed by external bodies. For example, we were already designated by the KBA as a technical service for eCall in August 2017.

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