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Wi-Fi Alliance Certification

Verify Wi-Fi Device Interoperability and Bolster Consumer Confidence

Wi-Fi Alliance Certification
- Origin of the Alliance and its added value for consumers

Wi-Fi carries more than half of the total internet traffic and is expected to grow as Wi-Fi technology expands and becomes more sophisticated. Increasingly, consumers have come to expect that their Wi-Fi devices will work well together and deliver a reliable, consistent, and secure experience. To help drive the Wi-Fi standard globally, companies from a variety of industries collaborate within the Wi-Fi Alliance®.

The Wi-Fi Alliance Certification helps to strengthen consumer confidence, ensuring that certified devices interoperate correctly with Wi-Fi devices running in the same frequency band. Devices bearing the globally recognized Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ logo signify that these products have passed rigorous interoperability certification requirements and are prepared to meet consumers’ Wi-Fi expectations.


The WiFi Certified Label

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products have been tested in an authorized test laboratory, and only a successfully tested product may carry the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ logo.

This certification according to the Wi-Fi Alliance specifications means that a product has been tested in numerous configurations with a variety of other devices to verify interoperability with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ devices operating in the same frequency band.

Our services as Authorized Test Lab (ATL) of the Wi-Fi Alliance

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cetecom advanced has been conducting Wi-Fi Alliance Certification for more than 15 years. Our experience and test plans span every stage of the Wi-Fi evolution, including Wi-Fi network security.

  • Wi-Fi 7 Certification*
    • CERTIFIED ac
    • Wi-Fi 6E
    • Wi-Fi 6E (R1 & R2)
    • WPA3 & WPA2
    • Agile Multi-band
    • Protected Management Frames using QuickTrack
    • Fragment and Forge Vulnerability Detection
    • Key Reinstallation Vulnerability Detection using QuickTrack
    • MBO for Wi-Fi 6E
  • Wi-Fi 6E Certification
    • Includes all items in Wi-Fi 6 Certification
    • Wi-Fi Certified 6E
    • WPA3 for Wi-Fi 6E
  • Wi-Fi 6 Certification
    • Includes all items in Wi-Fi 5 Certification
    • Wi-Fi Certified 6
    • Wi-Fi Certified Agile Multiband
  • Wi-Fi 5 Certification
    • Includes all items in Wi-Fi 4 Certification
    • Wi-Fi Certified AC
  • Wi-Fi 4 Certifications
    • Wi-Fi Certified a,b,g,n test plans
    • Wi-Fi Multimedia, WPA-2, WPA-3, Protected Management Frames, Key Reinstallation Vulnerability Detection, and Fragment and Forge Vulnerability Detection

*Pre-requisite is 6E Certification package, 11ax Certification package, 11n Certification package & 11ac Certification package

cetecom advanced’s Silicon Valley (California) site is one of only two authorized test laboratories (ATLs) in North America that offers Wi-Fi Alliance testing and certification services. The site has six Wi-Fi chambers, enabling us to run a variety of tests in parallel. This flexibility can shorten a client’s testing time from weeks to days. Our team of Wi-Fi experts pride themselves on being nimble and flexible and will adjust on the fly to satisfy clients’ needs.

Precise testing for a wide range of products

cetecom advanced can test and certify any product with Wi-Fi functionality. Thus, certification is available for a wide range of consumer, enterprise, and operator-specific products: access points, smartphones, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, and automotive telematics systems among many others. cetecom advanced’s laboratories are accredited to offer a wide variety of services in all areas of wireless technologies, from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi 6E and everything in between.

Certified quality and performance in all situations

In addition to providing assurance that Wi-Fi applications and products from different vendors work well together, the Wi-Fi Alliance Certification helps prove a product’s ability to deliver a good user experience in a variety of Wi-Fi environments. This includes environments where connectivity can be challenging, such as heavily crowded spaces or in buildings where decorative or functional obstructions can interfere with wireless signals.

cetecom advanced also offers pretesting on products preparing for Wi-Fi Alliance Certification, along with pretesting services recommendations and consultation.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ – Certification Paths Tailored to Different Products

Schematic representation of the certification paths for a Wifi-Alliance certification with cetecom advanced

The growing variety and sheer number of Wi-Fi devices entering the market command tailored testing options. To certify their Wi-Fi products, clients can choose from three certification paths, specified by the Wi-Fi Alliance:

  • FlexTrack

    is tailored to sophisticated, highly differentiated products built from the ground up. This path allows extensive flexibility in product design, including Wi-Fi functionality customization. FlexTrack testing must be completed at an ATL.

  • QuickTrack

    is tailored to products based on qualified solutions, such as modules and chipsets, that have already completed full Wi-Fi functionality testing. This path allows targeted modifications to Wi-Fi components and functionality. QuickTrack testing can be completed at an ATL or Wi-Fi Alliance member site.

  • Derivative or variant

    is tailored to products that are functionally the same as a Wi-Fi Certified device source product but with variant characteristics such as a different user interface or form factor. This path does not allow changes to Wi-Fi functionality. You can apply for certification with no additional testing required.