Aircraft with radio wave radius

Aviation Radio Communications Testing

Systems for
aeronautical radio services

Aeronautical telecommunications services must ensure that the operational and technical standards of radio equipment, including antennas, displays, controls, interconnecting cables and wiring to the onboard network, comply with civil aviation regulations and ICAO specifications.

With our expertise on aviation radio communications testing, we are able to reliably verify the compliance of specific aeronautical radio systems.

Our services in the field of aviation radio

cetecom advanced offers on-site testing in the aircraft or in the aeronautical ground station as well as in our accredited laboratories according to the following requirements:

  • Reg TP 321 ZV 034 (VHF communication transceiver for mobile aeronautical radio communication (aircraft station)).
  • Reg TP 321 ZV 039 (VHF communication transceiver for mobile aeronautical radio link (ground station))
  • BAPT 211 TV 025/152 (emergency transmitter, ELT)
  • ETSI EN 300 676 (radio transmitters and receivers for aeronautical stations or aeronautical mobile service in the VHF band (118 MHz – 137 MHz) with application of amplitude modulation and 8.33 kHz channel spacing)
  • 47 CFR Part 87
  • RSS-141

In addition to the above standards, cetecom advanced is accredited for other national and international standards.