RFID chip during data transmission

RFID Testing

Accredited testing services
for RFID devices

cetecom advanced has been working with different types of RFID systems for many years. This enables us to provide our customers with RFID testing expertise for the purpose of regulatory qualification of their devices / systems.

Although RFID has been promoted as an innovation for business processes in logistics and the supply chain, it is important to distinguish carefully between the different technologies used. In essence, the regulatory requirements for RFID systems, such as those to be demonstrated for CE marking, can be considered independently of such applications.

For a regulatory qualification, the following test services are applied:

  • RF (e.g. ETSI EN 300 330, ETSI EN 302 208, ETSI EN 300 440, 47 CFR Part 15.225)
  • EMC (e.g. ETSI EN 301 489)
  • Electrical safety (e.g. EN 60 950)
  • Health (e.g. SAR tests if certain RF limits are exceeded)

Of greatest interest when considering RFID systems is ultimately the application that has been implemented through the use of this technology.
For more information on these applications, please refer to our SmartCard services.

cetecom advanced can support you with the following applications:

  • ePassport
  • EMVCo Contactless
  • Near-Field-Communications (NFC)