ERA-GLONASS Certification

With cetecom advanced safely to ERA-GLONASS certification

ERA-GLONASS certification for the Eurasian Customs Union, is a major challenge for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers.

Our services

We offer recognized ERA-GLONASS pre-tests and provide project management for the official certification process.

With established partnerships – also outside Russia (Kazakhstan and Armenia) – and the experience of a large number of successfully completed ERA GLONASS projects with international automotive manufacturers, we ensure that your system (even in the current political situation) receives ERA GLONASS certification as quickly as possible.

Pre-testing and pre-certification

We offer pre-testing services for several test standards:

  • GOST 33467 – Functional
  • GOST 33468 – Audio quality
  • GOST 33470 – GSM modem, UMTS modem, in-band modem
  • GOST 33471 – Navigation module (GNSS)
  • GOST 33466 – (Mechanical, Climatic, Enviromental)

In addition, we perform pre-certification for the GOST 33468 standard (audio quality), reducing time, effort and risk for official approval.

Consulting and project management

ERA-GLONASS test room

In addition to pre-testing and pre-certification, we also provide consulting and project management services for the entire ERA-GLONASS certification process. These services include:

  • On-site support for the ERA-GLONASS certification process at our partner laboratories.
  • R&D support for ERA-GLONASS IVS manufacturers and automotive OEMs
  • Support during manufacturer inspections at the vehicle manufacturer’s plants – existing contact with quality management auditors
  • Antenna design