RCB label

Registered Certification Body (RCB)

Efficient market approval
for the Japanese market

Our services

We as cetecom advanced offer our customers all services for an approval in Japan. We can perform all tests necessary for MIC approval (including VCCI and PSE) in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories or in our partner network.

We can handle project handling for you throughout the testing and certification process, ensuring an efficient approval process and rapid approval to the Japanese market with all services from a single source.

This includes approval through our officially recognized Registered Certification Body (RCB). We are also officially listed with NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organizations) as an RCB for the Sectoral Annex on Radio Equipment for the following areas:

  • Article 38-2-2 Paragraph (1) Item i) of Radio Law
    (License not required)
  • Article 38-2-2 Paragraph (1) Item ii) of Radio Law
    (Radio stations prescribed in Artide27-2(i).Radio Law)
  • Article 38-2-2 Paragraph (1) Item iii) of Radio Law (Others)
    (All of the Specified Radio Equipment)
Map of Japan

The approval for the Telecommunications Business Law is carried out for the following categories of products.


Type of terminal equipment Category
Terminal equipment connected to
analog telephone facility
Terminal equipment connected to
analog mobile telephone facility
Terminal equipment connected to
internet protocol telephone facility
Terminal equipment connected to
internet protocol mobile telephone facility
Terminal equipment connected to
wireless calling facility
Terminal equipment connected to
general digital telecommunication facility
Terminal equipment connected to
dedicated data line facility or
digital data transmission facility