FCB Label

Foreign Certification Body (FCB)

Efficient market approval for the Canadian market

The competent authority for radio licensing in Canada is called Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). The technical requirements are in most cases identical to those of the USA and the duties of the FCB for Canada are comparable to those of a TCB.

The role of an FCB

An FCB has the authority to evaluate and certify an application for approval of a product on behalf of ISED. Accordingly, an FCB, analogous to the TCB in the U.S., is a certification body that approves devices eligible for certification under the scope of accreditation and issues technical acceptance certificates.

Map of Canada where market approvals must be conducted by a recognized FCB.

Our services

We offer our customers all services for an approval for the Canadian market. As an ISO 17025 accredited and ISED recognized laboratory, we perform measurements for ISED certification in our laboratories.

Our Foreign Certification Body handles the certification process and final coordination with the authority. So throughout the testing and certification process, we take care of project handling for you, ensuring an efficient approval process and fast approval to the Canadian market.

Our internal FCBs are accredited and recognized for the following areas.

  • Radio Scopes 1 – Licence-exempt Radio Frequency Devices
  • Radio Scope 2 – Licensed Personal Mobile Radio Services
  • Radio Scope 3 – Licensed General Mobile and Fixed Radio Services
  • Radio Scope 4 – Licensed Maritime and Aviation Radio Services
  • Radio Scope 5 – Licensed Fixed Microwave Radio Services
  • Radio Scope 6 – Hearing Aid Compatibility and Volume Control
  • Broadcasting – All Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standards (BETS) in the Category I Equipment Standards List