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Medical Testing
Medical devices are designed for use in a wide variety of situations and environments where they must meet basic safety and performance requirements.
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Full Service for SIGFOX Implementations
The SIGFOX network - basis for LPWAN applications
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In-house software department for best possible customer service

Where others are still calculating, we are already programming

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Environmental Simulation
The environmental test center of cetecom advanced is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and offers a wide range of state-of-the-art test equipment to assess the resistance, long-term behaviour and aging effects of a product under various simulated conditions. cetecom advanced tests according to international standards or customized standards which include also those of many automotive manufacturers.
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EMC and Product Safety
Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety are fundamental requirements that a product has to fulfil if you want to bring it to the market.
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Embedded Radio Systems
Nowadays a high number of implementations from nearly any industry and any thinkable application area is equipped with additional radio modules.
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Activities & potential areas of cooperation between cetecom advanced and UdS “Entrepreneurial Cyber Security”
WHO WE ARE... cetecom advanced GmbH located in Saarbruecken with currently almost 200 employees is an internationally operating test lab for products of nearly any industry, from A as Automotive to Z as Zigbee applications. cetecom advanced’s services include regulatory testing and certification according to international requirements or specific industry regimes in the fields of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Radio, Environmental Simulation, Electrical Safety, Acoustics, Battery Testing and Payment & Identity.
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Crash Test Bench & Shaker
Special testing capabilities at cetecom advanced’s center for battery testing & environmental simulation
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Approvals worldwide
Discover the world with cetecom advanced
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Automotive Testing & Certification
Electrical and Electronic Subassemblies (ESA) in vehicles have become increasingly important in the recent years. They are present in modern vehicles in a large number with various functions and tasks. cetecom advanced can both consider regulatory aspects as well as the industry requirements.
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Visa Tap2Phone Testing
Customer can only do application debug testing by themselves; ASTA agreement with Visa Approval Services (Visa Partner Portal (
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Mastercard Tap on Phone
The customer needs to be registered at Mastercard and it is essential to read all the required documents such as specifications, terminal implementation requirements, test environment, etc.
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Testing & Consulting services for SoftPOS & EMVCo Early Adopter Programme for COTS
SoftPOS – cetecom advanced provides testing and consulting services for the new generation of smartphone based acceptance terminals (so-called SoftPOS terminal). With cetecom advanced’s test lab, offering consultancy on how to test and certify this type of acceptance device, vendors will be in time on the market and compliant to payment scheme requirements.
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Pre-certification Test services for Biometric Fingerprint Sensor/Algorithm
Is the goal to certify an algorithm and a fingerprint sensor against stand- ardized processes of different schemes or to do quality assurance testing?
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Online Platform Based Testing
Cetecom advanced online platform based testing – your tool for most flexible validation possibilities
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SmartCard Technologies
As a leading and independent full service provider for testing and certification of SmartCard, RFID and NFC related solutions, cetecom advanced’s worldwide operating division SmartCard Technologies offers a wide range of DEBUG and TYPE APPROVAL services for BANKING & FINANCE and eIDENTIFICATION.
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Engineering Projects & New Services
EPNS stands for Engineering Projects & New Services. Our networked team for software and various cetecom advanced solutions, such as robot systems, not only deals with the development and programming of software, but also with the conception, tests, commissioning and the support during the pilot phase of the product development.
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EMVCo 3DS Services
3-D Secure is a concept, a protocol and a service process designed to increase the security of online (eCommerce) pay- ments. It was originally developed by VISA for the service “Verified by Visa”. Also known as “Visa Secure”, “Identity Check”, “J/Secure”, “SafeKey” and “ProtectBuy”, every payment scheme offers such services.
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Battery Safety for e-Mobility
Lithium-ion batteries: accumulators of the future
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DFS Testing
Radio equipment operating in the 5250-5350 MHz, the 5470-5725 MHz and the 5725-5850 MHz bands, is required to employ DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection). The European Union, the FCC and also regulatory bodies of other international mar- kets have established DFS requirements in this frequency range.
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cetecom advanced ́s cross test bench
Automated testing of contactless payment systems with high reliability and good integration to existing test processes.
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Acoustic Testing
cetecom advanced is accredited for the testing of acoustic safety requirements, sound system equipment, voice performance and, amongst others, specialized in the testing of hearing aid electro-acoustic measurements.
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High-security bunker for propagation and abuse tests on large-scale batteries
cetecom advanced has further strengthened its expertise in the automotive industry by an external test facility for propagation and abuse tests on large-scale batteries and devices, which is almost unique in Europe.
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cetecom advanced Company introduction
CTC advanced and CETECOM merge to form cetecom advanced
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