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Whitepaper about the challenges of wireless coexistence and the solution approach according to ANSI C63.27

The coexistence of wireless technologies is an important challenge, as the number of wireless technologies has steadily increased in recent years.

Coexistence of wireless technologies is a challenge for manufacturers because different wireless technologies use different frequencies and have diverse bandwidth requirements.

In addition to the previously mentioned factors (type and frequency of radio technology and bandwidth), the strength of the signals also influences the coexistence of radio technologies.To ensure the coexistence of wireless technologies, these factors must be considered. Despite previous testing and market approval of the products, the use of common frequency bands can affect the functionality of the equipment.

This can be prevented with the help of a testing standard from the American National Standards Institute: ANSI C63.27.

In our new white paper, we take a detailed look at the issue of coexistence and highlight the solutions based on ANSI C63.27.

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