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Recorded version – Webinar introducing the market approval of products with wireless technologies

In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to the market approval process for products using wireless technologies.
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Within the scope of the projects that we carry out together with our customers, there are always fundamental questions that arise in the course of a project and that we answer.

These questions revolve, among other things, around basic assumptions and necessities that must be taken into account when approving products with wireless technologies.

For this reason, we have developed a webinar that deals with the very basics of market approval for products with wireless technologies and addresses the recurring questions and challenges in the approval of products with wireless technologies.

In doing so, we cover the following points:

  • The integration of wireless technologies and the consequences for certification
  • The most important certification regimes (CE marking and FCC certification)
  • The challenges of global certification
  • The importance of private certification regimes

The free webinar originally took place on January 26, 2023, but is now available as a recorded version:

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