cetecom advanced’s SAR services and some good news for you

DASY8/6 Modul WPT V2.6 – We have the latest version!

In our radio laboratories, we offer SAR testing services in the frequency range from 4 MHz to 6 GHz and WPT measurements of magnetic field sources in the range from 3 kHz to 4 MHz.
Our equipment and test reports comply with international specifications and standards.

Recently, we were able to expand our services with the DASY8/6 module WPT V2.6. for the frequency range from < 4 MHz to ≥4 MHz.


For frequencies below 4 MHz, we can use the DASY8/6 WPT V2.6 module to measure compliance with basic limit values for the induced electric field and the specific absorption rate (SAR).

For frequencies ≥4 MHz, our DASY8/6 SAR module is available for you.


On May 17, 2024, the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) requirements for RSS-102.NS.MEAS and SPR-002 issue 2 were updated with respect to internal electric field (E-field) assessment.

  • RSS-102.NS.MEAS describes the measurement procedure for assessing compliance with nerve stimulation (NS) according to RSS-102
  • SPR-002 is a supplementary procedure for assessing the conformity of devices with RSS-102 (range from 3 kHz to 10 MHz)

Your benefits with cetecom advanced:

  • The latest DASY8/6 WPT module is now approved worldwide.
  • We carry out the internal e-field assessments with the new DASY module WPT. Until further notice (at least until the RSS-102.NS.MEAS is updated), ISED will accept these assessments under certain conditions even without the need for a special request.
  • Our DASY8/6 WPT V2.6 module is fully compliant with all current global regulations for wireless power transmission systems, including the upcoming IEC/IEEE 63184 standard.
  • With the DASY8 WPT V2.6 test system, we can meet our customers’ requirements even better and pave their way to market approval even faster.


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