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CETECOM designated as first technical service for new eCall regulation UN – R 144

CETECOM is the first laboratory to offer testing and certification services for the new eCall regulation UN - R 144.

eCall is mandatory in the EU for all new models of passenger cars (M1) and light commercial vehicles (N1) since April 1, 2018. As early as August 2017, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) designated CETECOM as a technical service for eCall and we were the first laboratory in Europe to offer and carry out eCall approvals for the EU.

Our eCall expertise has now been reconfirmed, as the KBA once again designated us as a technical service for eCall. The re-designation allows the test execution and type approval according to the new eCall regulation UN – R 144 (approval of Accident Emergency Call Systems).

This UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) regulation, which will enter into force on July 19, 2018, is not only valid for the EU member states, but for up to 56 countries worldwide. These include, among others, Russia, Japan or Korea.


In addition, the regulation defines four distinct approval types for:

  • Components
  • eCall systems
  • Motor vehicles with eCall system, which has already been approved
  • Motor vehicles with eCall system, which has not yet been approved


Depending on the approval type, the scope of the test differs.
In total, there are the following test areas:

  • Data sending and voice connection
  • EMC (UN – R 10)
  • Position determination (GNSS)
  • PLMN access
  • Information and warning signal (Self-test)
  • Power supply
  • Resistance to impact (Sled test)
  • AECS control
  • Hands-free audio performance (Audio)
  • Vehicle impact test


CETECOM is the world’s first lab to be designated as technical service for the new eCall regulation by the KBA, confirming once again that we are the leading partner for eCall type approvals.


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