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Next Generation eCall end-to-end tests in Deutsche Telekom network executed

Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm and cetecom advanced cooperate in Next Generation eCall end-to-end tests.
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Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and cetecom advanced cooperate in a pilot project to verify Next Generation eCall end-to-end tests in a commercial network. Qualcomm Technologies provided an NG eCall IVS prototype, which is equipped with a test SIM card from the mobile and fixed line network operator, Deutsche Telekom. The test PSAP is provided by the test lab and service provider, cetecom advanced, and is connected to a SIP trunk from Deutsche Telekom, as shown in the below picture.

This NG eCall end-to-end test setup is the first of its kind because it includes IMS-based emergency signaling over a commercial mobile and fixed line network.

At well-defined locations the commercial LTE mobile network from Deutsche Telekom is configured to set the ECL (NG eCall) broadcast indicator in order to inform the IVS about the NG eCall capabilities of the network and the PSAP. After a manual eCall trigger, the IVS initiates an NG eCall with IMS based emergency signaling. The eCall is routed via the commercial mobile and fixed line network to the test PSAP. With this test setup, it is possible to verify the MSD transfer and reception via SIP as well as the bi-directional audio link between the PSAP and IVS. The first NG eCall tests have already been carried out successfully. Additional tests will follow to verify further NG eCall requirements to ensure continuity of an eCall (e.g., domain handover and CS fallback) because those scenarios are particularly important in the transition period from CS-based eCall to NG eCall.

The aim of the NG eCall pilot project is to verify the IVS, network components and PSAP. In addition, the latest NG eCall tests in prEN 17240:2023, prEN 18052:2023 and ETSI TS 103 683 V2.1.1 should be verified. Other IVS vendors could also use this end-to-end test setup to verify their NG eCall IVS implementations.

We believe that this pilot is an important step to verify compliance with the latest NG eCall requirements in order to be well prepared for the anticipated updated EU eCall regulations.

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