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Open Lab Alliance launched to accelerate development of Connected Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle technologies

Several partners launched the Open Lab Alliance to accelerate the development of Connected Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle technologies.
Logo of the Open Lab Alliance

The OLA provides real world in-lab test scenarios necessary for developing connected vehicle subsystems and applications. It is hosted by a highly accredited test laboratory and is comprised of industry-leading test and measurement companies, roadside unit (RSU) suppliers, and simulation system tool providers that deliver state of the art automotive test technologies. The OLA promotes a collaborative test environment to the automotive engineering and software development community.

CETECOM is leveraging its deep history in testing automotive technologies. Robert Johnson, Sr. Director of Automotive Business Unit states, “We are excited to already have several best-of-breed companies step forward into leadership roles.”

Companies such as Anritsu, FORD, Litepoint, octoScope, Savari, Spirent, tass International, and CETECOM have joined forces to accelerate the development of Connected Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle technologies. With multiple benches, each station addresses a specific test challenge. In a controlled, yet open work environment, engineers can develop lab experiments and perform various types of testing; such as, Applink Test Development, Cyber Security tests, TCU Cellular Module tests, Spectrum Analysis, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Navigation testing, Radio Airlink Channel Emulation Wireless Connectivity, as well as Automated Connected driving simulation.  Robert Johnson adds, “a key to advancing the connected automated vehicle is through knowledge sharing with our test partners while providing open access to the tools and expertise.”

For further information on the OLA, please visit www.openlaballiance.com and get further information about the Open Lab Alliance, the test technologies and how to reserve a bench in the lab for testing purposes.


Contact Open Lab Alliance:

Email: rob.johnson@cetecom.com
Website: http://www.openlaballiance.com/contact/

Contact CETECOM:


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