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cetecom advanced offers a wide range of EMC automotive tests according to various standards

Qualified testing and certification services for the automotive industry
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As a recognized testing laboratory according to DIN ISO 17025:2018, cetecom advanced is aware of the great importance of product reliability and risk management in the automotive industry and offers qualified testing and certification services in this field.

Electrical and electronic sub-assemblies (EUBs) are integrated into vehicles in large numbers and have a variety of functions and tasks. Regulatory aspects as well as industry requirements have to be considered when testing and certifying such components.

Our tests cover the frequency range up to 500 GHz, which means we cover a wide range of radio technologies, including Bluetooth®, WLAN, LTE, UWB and radar. We also support our automotive customers with testing services in the fields of EMC, environmental simulation, electrical safety, high performance Li-ion batteries, eCall / ERA-GLONASS approvals, and also meet customer specific requirements.

We would like to go into further detail here about the range of EMC automotive testing that our service portfolio includes:

  • Regulatory EMC testing of automotive electrical / electronic sub-assemblies
  • Regulatory component testing on EUB/STE / E-mark (E1, E13, E24)
  • Component testing for agricultural and forestry machinery and construction equipment (ISO 14982-1, ISO 13766-1/-2)
  • Measurement of radiated and conducted emissions (CISPR 25)
  • Immunity tests (ISO 11452-x)
  • Approvals according to UN-ECE R-10 – recognized by KBA, SNCH and NSAI
  • EMC tests according to EMVG
  • Component tests according to specifications of various vehicle manufacturers
    (e.g. BMW, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot/Citroën, Porsche, Smart, Volvo, VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi)

Our services include in detail:

Regulatory component testing on EUB/STE (E1/E13).

  • UN – R10
    • EMC of motor vehicles, trailers and their components
  • 2009/64/EC
    • EMC of agricultural & forestry tractors & their components
  • UN ECE-R97 and R116
    • Immobilizers and alarm systems

EMC tests according to EMVG

  • ISO 13766
    • EMC of construction machines
  • EN ISO 14982
    • EMC for agricultural and forestry machinery
  • EN 50498
    • EMC product family standard for electronic equipment retrofitted to vehicles

Applied standards

  • EN 55012 (CISPR 12) / EN 55025 (CISPR 25)
    • Radiated and conducted emissions
  • ISO 11452-x
    • Immunity (antenna, BCI, stripline, magnetic field)
  • ISO TR 10605
    • Electrostatic discharge
  • ISO 7637-x
    • Immunity to pulses
  • ISO 16750-x
    • General requirements automotive components

On-site facilities

We have a wide range of measurement halls and test stations that can be used for comprehensive automotive testing, including:

  • Absorber chambers
  • Shielded rooms
  • Bulk Current Injection (BCI) test station
  • Magnetic Field Test Station
  • Testing sites for transient pulses ISO 7637
  • Testing sites for on-board power supply simulation LV124
  • Testing sites for electrostatic discharge according to DIN ISO 10605
  • Radio laboratories up to 500 GHz e.g. for keyless entry systems or radar applications (24 GHz and 77 GHz)
  • Environmental simulation laboratories
  • Safety laboratory (electrical safety, LVD)
  • Modification and development stations for customers as well as customer rooms with internet access for your private and undisturbed work

As a specialist for testing and certification, cetecom advanced offers comprehensive support for the international market access of your products. This includes consulting, testing, system certification and project management – all from a single source and with your personal contact.

If you would like to learn more about the testing and certification process for electronic systems in vehicles, please contact us directly:

Phone: +49 681 5980

We are happy to accompany you throughout the entire process – from the development of your product to its market launch.

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