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cetecom advanced offers efficient and transparent market approvals in over 180 target countries

Our services go beyond the actual project management within the scope of certification.
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In addition to the approval of products via our internal certification bodies, cetecom advanced also offers other services related to the approval of your products.

Although we already cover large parts of the world market with our certifications for Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan, we naturally do not leave our customers on their own even where our internal certification bodies cannot issue certifications.

According to your specific requirements, we act as an intermediary between you and the local authorities in over 180 target countries, helping to get products approved internationally, reducing both approval time and approval costs.

Our service portfolio goes beyond product approval project management, starting before the approval process and not ending after the certification:

  • Country and market specific research into regulatory requirements
  • Compliance evaluations
  • Language translation
  • Preparation and submission of testing and approval applications
  • Testing coordination and scheduling
  • Local technical support and guidance when testing must be coordinated in the markets you plan to enter

Our service portfolio is rounded off by the project management software CERT. With CERT, we offer you a lean software tool for the presentation and monitoring of your test and approval projects at cetecom advanced. Communication, progress, next steps, open items and deadlines, including all relevant documents: All these information are available in CERT for every project in every status.

After an approval has been completed, the certificate management in CERT informs you about the validity status of your approval and tells you at an early stage when you need to act for re-certification.

With our approval services and CERT, cetecom advanced thus offers the complete package for efficient and transparent certification of your products.


Would you like more information about CERT, our approval services or cetecom advanced? Contact us at: mail@cetecomadvanced.com.

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