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Market access in China
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In order to obtain market approval for products for China, a manufacturer is increasingly faced with the question of which approval regime must be used as the basis for approving a product for the Chinese market.

For technical products, three different certification regimes apply here, whose applicability and necessity depends on the product and the technologies used there:

  • China Compulsory Certificate (CCC certification)
  • MII/NAL certification
  • SRRC certification

The three certification regimes differ in terms of necessity, test requirements documentation, complexity and validity period.

CCC certification

The CCC certification based on the China Compulsory Certificate is issued by the responsible government agency in China and is in principle comparable with a CE marking for the European region.

Products requiring certification, such as information technology equipment, telecommunications equipment and accessories or medical devices, may only be sold and used on the Chinese market once CCC certification has been obtained.

More information on the dedicated page: CCC certification

MII/NAL certification

A NAL certification is essential for telecommunications products that are connected to the public telecommunications network, such as telecommunications terminal and radio communication equipment as well as telecommunications equipment for inter-network connectivity.

For foreign manufacturers, NAL certification is mandatory for telecommunications products before a product can be imported and marketed in China.

More information on the dedicated page: MII/NAL certification

SRRC certification

Products that require SRRC certification include mobile phones (GSM or CDMA), wireless LAN (WLAN) devices, and devices that use the following technologies:

  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • ZigbeeWiMAX
  • RFID

The necessary tests need to be carried out in a test laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Only after a successful SRRC certification an application for a NAL certification can be processed, because the test results of a SRRC certification are the basis for a NAL certification.

More information on the dedicated page: SRRC certification

Basic information on the
market approval for

Country China
Continent Asia
Approval Scheme CCC/NAL/SRRC
Based on National
Duration of approval 3-5 years, depending on the approval scheme
Approval label required? Yes
Local representative required? Yes
Local testing required? Yes
ISO2 Code CN
Time zone GMT +8
Official language Chinese
Area code +86
Currency Yuan

Responsible authorities in China

Further information on the approval process in China can be found on the respective subpages for CCC certification, MII/NAL certification and SRRC certification.

Wi-Fi equipment with public network IP address allocation function must now support IPv6 protocol


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China released a Notice announcing that Wi-Fi equipment with public network IP address allocation function must now support IPv6 protocol prior to being imported or sold within China. The Notice will come into effect on December 1, 2023, Wi-Fi devices without IPv6 protocol support that are manufactured or imported prior to December 1, 2023 may still be sold and used.

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