Market Approval for Brazil

Market access in Brazil - certification by cetecom advanced

In order to be able to market a product with radio technologies in Brazil, compliance with the national requirements defined by the responsible authority Anatel is essential.

Anatel certification

The duration of the valid approval varies, based on the technologies used, from one year to a permanent approval for the Brazilian market.

For further information on this special certification please visit our dedicated info page Anatel certification.

Basic information on the
market approval for

Country Brazil
Continent South America
Approval Scheme Anatel
Based on National
Duration of approval 1 year to permanent
Approval label required? Yes
Local representative required? Yes
Local testing required? Yes
ISO2 Code BR
Time zone GMT -3
Official language Portuguese
Area code +55
Currency Real

Responsible authorities in Brazil

Responsible for the market approval of devices with radio technologies in Brazil: National Telecommunications Agency

Address: Rua Vergueiro, nº 3073, Vila Mariana – CEP 04101-300 – São Paulo / SP

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