Market Approval for Malaysia

Market access in Malaysia - certification by cetecom advanced

The market approval in Malaysia is based on the national requirements of the competent authority SIRIM.

SIRIM certification

The duration of the approval according to the SIRIM (Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) specifications depends on the approved equipment and the technologies used. In principle, approval periods of one to 5 years are possible. After completion of the approval, the manufacturer is obliged to use the certification label. In addition, local tests and the involvement of a local representative are necessary.

Basic information on the
market approval for

Country Malaysia
Continent Asia
Approval Scheme SIRIM
Based on National/RED
Duration of approval 1 year up to 5 years
Approval label required? Yes
Local representative required? Yes
Local testing required? Yes
ISO2 Code MY
Time zone GMT +8
Official language Malaysian
Area code +60
Currency Ringitt

Responsible authorities in Malaysia

Market approval for products with radio technologies is issued in Malaysia by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) , an agency based there. This private body is used by the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and without SIRIM approval, no products can be marketed in Malaysia.

SIRIM announcement
regarding renewals expired for six months


map of malaysia

On 13th December 2023, SIRIM issued an announcement advising that CoCs that have been expired for more than six months will now be automatically blocked or suspended for renewal.

If no action is taken by the certificate holder within fourteen working days from the suspension date of the CoC, the CoC shall be recommended to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for cancellation without further notice to the certificate holder.

Impacted applicants are given a grace period of 30 days from the date of this announcement to proceed with renewal applications. If no action is taken within this 30-day period, the approved type approval application will be closed, and the impacted model shall be subjected to a new type approval application before it may be imported.

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