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CCC grants exemption for different product categories

With an exemption manufacturers can avoid the full process of CCC certification.

The CCC certification on the basis of the China Compulsory Certificate is issued by the responsible government agency in China and is in principle comparable with a CE marking for the European area.

Products subject to certification, such as information technology equipment, telecommunication equipment and accessories or medical devices, may only be sold and used on the Chinese market once a CCC certification has been obtained.

Last month, the CCC published a list of product categories that qualify for a so-called CCC exemption in Notice № 153:

  • Products and samples needed for scientific research, testing and certification testing.
  • Components needed directly for end user maintenance.
  • Components required for the entire production line of the factory production line (excluding office supplies)
  • Products used for commercial purposes but not offered for sale.
  • Parts imported for the purpose of exporting the entire device.

For further information on this matter and what the requirements to apply for the CCC exemptions are, feel free to get in touch with us directly: https://cetecomadvanced.com/en/contact/.

Further information on market access in China can be found here.

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