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China: SRRC deadline for type approval applications

Changes regarding type approval in the 2.4/5.1/5.8GHz frequency bands
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As your partner for worldwide type approval, we want to inform you today about important changes in China, which are related to SRRC, type approval of devices operating in the above-mentioned frequency ranges.

The State Radio Administration of MIIT recently made the following notification about the deadline for applying for SRRC type approval using the old standards MIIT [2002] 353, MIIT [2002] 277, and MIIT [2012] 620 in the 2.4/5.1/5.8GHz frequency bands.

  • Effective October 15, 2023, no new applications for the old standard of products with 2.4/5.1/5.8GHz frequency bands will be accepted, and applications for adding modules certified under the old standard to a new host device will no longer be accepted.
  • Effective October 15, 2023, renewal applications will only be accepted for devices with 2.4/5.1/5.8GHz frequency bands that meet the new standard MIIT [2021] 129; renewal applications for certificates under the old standard will no longer be accepted.
  • The equipment/modules certified under the old standard in the 2.4/5.1/5.8GHz frequency bands can be updated to the new standard for equipment through an updated application within the certificate validity period. The updated application requires submission of a self-test or third-party lab report. The laboratory must have CMA qualification, and have the testing capability of MIIT [2021] 129.
  • Applications for equipment under the old standard must be accepted before October 15, 2023.
    The maximum validity period for issuing a certificate is December 31, 2025. During the validity period of the certificate, manufacturers with equipment certified under the old standard can apply for an update to meet MIIT [2021] 129 requirements. After the equipment is updated to the new standard, a renewal application will need to be submitted before its expiration date.

With cetecom advanced at your side, you will have direct access to experts who correspond with local authorities worldwide to prepare you for these new SRRC regulations. Thanks to our recognized product certification and testing expertise, we are able to provide our customers with services from a single source and tailored to the constantly changing requirements.

In case of any questions, feel free to get in touch with us: mail@cetecomadvanced.com

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