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China applies changes to LTE bands 38 and 41

Changes are already effective and impact current applications for an SRRC certification.

As the 5G technology is used more widely, the Chinese authority Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has defined some changes to LTE bands, which have an effect on the SRRC certification for a market approval in China.

Firstly, the TDD LTE Band 38 (2570 to 2620 MHz) has been withdrawn and cannot be used in China anymore.

  • If there is a device currently in the SRRC application process, the band 38 needs to be canceled from the application form and samples and the application needs to be re-submitted.
  • If the device already entered the testing phase, the application does not need to be re-submitted. Band 38 will simply not be tested and the SRRC certification will be issued without the permission to use band 38.

Secondly, the TDD LTE Band 41 frequency range was changed to 2575 to 2635 MHz (originally from 2555 to 2655 MHz).

  • If there is a device currently in the SRRC application process, the application needs to be re-submitted including an updated frequency range for band 41.
  • For devices already in the testing phase, the new frequency range will be applied for testing purposes and the application does not need to be re-submitted.

For already certified devices, no re-application or new certificate is necessary. The new requirements will apply when the device is due for re-certification.

Further information on market approval in China – including CCC, NAL and SRRC certification, can be found in the subsection “Market approval for China”. In addition, our tool CETECOM CERT offers you a comprehensive overview of all certification information for products with wireless technologies.

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