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New ENACOM directive for short range devices in Argentina

CETECOM initiated new directive in Argentina.

The Argentinian authority ENACOM (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones) is responsible for granting manufacturers of devices using radio technology access to the Argentinian market. Without an ENACOM certification, no radio device can be marketed in Argentina.

The responsibility for radio technologies also includes the technology for short range devices and there has been an update to the regulations for these devices. CETECOM initiated an update of the ENACOM directive for short range devices which now resulted in the new directive ENACOM-Q2-60.14 V18.1.

What does this mean for manufacturers?

The new directive creates new opportunities for manufacturers using the technology of short range devices in Argentina. The directive defines two new items:

  • Establishing of a new open frequency band between 314 and 316 MHz as well as the certification possibility for the bandwidth.
  • Increase of the spurious emission limits of devices operating in the limits between 433,075 and 434,775 MHz

Further information on this new directive ENACOM-Q2-60.14 V18.1 have been published on the ENACOM website.


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