Argentina – ENACOM introduces new label

New label is called RAMATEL ID

The Argentinian authority ENACOM (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones) is responsible for granting manufacturers of devices using radio technology access to the Argentinian market.

ENACOM has recently published a new resolution in the Official Bulletin of Argentina which introduces a new label for telecommunications approvals in Argentina.

The new label, which will be called RAMATEL ID comes with the following requirements:

  • New type approvals must be adjusted to the new RAMATEL label and requirements.
  • E-Labeling is allowed.
  • Installed devices into vehicles, motorcycles, airplanes, etc. are exempted from the requirement to label the divice itself. Instead the manufacturer can print the label in the user manual.


Please note that there is a transition period of two years to adapt this new rules which means, the old CNC logo and markings are allowed to be used until August 12, 2022.


If you have any questions regarding Market Approval for Argentina, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: .

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