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SDPPI regulates use of products with radio technologies in Indonesia

Regulation NOMOR 1, 2, 3, 4 gives manufacturers clarification and new options for market approval.

For a market approval in Indonesia, the responsible authority SDPPI has published new regulations covering the use of products with radio technologies. The SDPPI adopted four regulations on May 17, 2019 while these regulations – NOMOR 1, 2, 3, 4 TAHUN 2019 – regulate the following aspects in Indonesia:

  • NOMOR 1 – Regulations on the use of spectrum according to CLASS
  • NOMOR 2 – Technical standards for Wireless Local Area Network
  • NOMOR 3 – Technical standards for Low Power Wide Area
  • NOMOR 4 – Technical standards for DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication)

A brief summary of the regulations is outlined below:


This regulation mainly identifies all the different equipment classes like SRD, WLAN, DSRC, LPWA, and LAA.


This technical standard mainly refers to the approved frequency ranges for the use of WLAN technology.

Products with WLAN technology can only use the following frequency ranges, including an increase in the previous authorized bandwidth in the 5.8 GHz band:

  • 2400 – 2 483.5 MHz
  • 5150 – 5250 MHz
  • 5250 – 5350 MHz
  • 5725 – 5825 MHz

In summary, the possibilities of WLAN use in Indonesia can therefore be described as follows:

No. Frequency range EIRP (max) Maximum Bandwith
1 2400 – 2483,5 MHz Indoor: 500 mW
Outdoor 4 Watt
Indoor: 40 MHz
Outdoor: 20 MHz
2 5150 – 5250 MHz Indoor: 200 mW 80 MHz
3 5250 – 5350 MHz Indoor: 200 mW 80 MHz
4 5725 – 5825 MHz Indoor: 200 mW
Outdoor: 4 Watt
Indoor: 80 MHz
Outdoor: 20 MHz


This technical standard mainly sets clear requirements for NB-IOT LTE, CAT M1, and the LoRa technology in 920 – 923 MHz.


This is a technical standard, which regulates DSRC equipment and identifies the use of 5725 – 5825 MHz for V2X communication.


Due to the changes in standards, certain wireless devices may have to be recertified and could have a major impact on products that are being placed on the market.

If you require further information on marketing approval in Indonesia, please do not hesitate to contact us: https://cetecomadvanced.com/en/contact/.

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