CETECOM Korea earns accreditation for VISA Contactless Level 1 Testing

The CETECOM laboratory in Korea extended their Smart Card testing portfolio by receiving the accreditation for Visa Contactless Level 1 testing.
Collection of Card Readers

CETECOM, the premiere wireless test and certification lab, has already been known for its excellent service portfolio.This wide range of services has now been extended as the CETECOM laboratory in Anyang, Korea has been accredited for Visa Contactless Level 1 testing. This accreditation adds the following testing services to the portfolio:

CETECOM Korea Visa Contactless Level 1 accreditations

Mobile Type Approval Scope

  • Level 1 Analog
  • Level 1 Digital
  • HCE L1 Analog
  • HCE L1 Digital

Card Type Approval Scope

  • Level 1 Analog
  • Level 1 Digital

“This accreditation is a great accomplishment for our team and helps tremendously to increase our service offering to our customers”, mentions CETECOM CEO Wilfried Klassmann. “This accreditation perfectly fits to our already excellent set of Smart Card services.”

As a leading and independent full service provider of test and certification services for Smart Card, RFID and NFC related solutions, CETECOM’s worldwide operating Smart Card Technologies laboratories offer a wide range of type approval test processes for mobile payment devices and applications, ICC cards and terminals.

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