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VDMA Handbook „A Selection of Wireless Communications Technologies for Mechanical and Plant Engineering” recently published

cetecom advanced collaborated in the creation of the communication and provided valuable input on the topic of radio technologies.
Hall with engineers, turbines and complex stainless steel machine components

In April, the VDMA Working Group Wireless Communications for Machines (AG WCM) published the “Handbook – A Selection of Wireless Communications Technologies for Mechanical and Plant Engineering”.

The publication includes a selection of current and future wireless technologies suitable for industrial use, providing an overview with valuable information on their performance including application-specific references. Thus, the handbook provides a useful and compact guide for the initial evaluation of industry-ready wireless communication technologies in the machine building ecosystem from a technology-neutral perspective.

The document, to which cetecom advanced contributed, is now available for download for members on the VDMA website. However, non-members can also obtain the document from the VDMA upon request.

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