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Peru: MTC clarifies TAC criteria for homologation of telecommunications equipment

The TAC can now refer to either the final device or the internal module incorporated within the device.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) of Peru has issued an important statement for all users and distributers of telecommunications equipment in the country. The statement is intended to clarify the criteria for requiring the TAC in homologation applications.

The TAC is a numerical code assigned by the GSMA to devices that have the capability to connect to mobile networks, such as smartphones, tablets, and other telecommunications devices, and is an essential requirement for the homologation of these devices.

In the statement, the MTC explains that the TAC for issuing a certificate of approval can now refer to either the final device or the internal module incorporated in the device. This means that manufacturers and importers have the option to register the TAC for either the device or the internal module, providing more flexibility in the homologation process. This change aims to strengthen the market in the commercialization of telecommunications equipment, and the MTC is providing all means to ensure that the homologation procedures are agile and efficient, thus guaranteeing the proper functioning of equipment in the country’s mobile networks.

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