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Transition to electrical safety standard EN 62368-1

We are answering the most pressuring questions.
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Electrical safety is an important basic requirement under which technology products are approved for the market. The risk in the form of danger should be reduced to a minimum for humans and animals. Compliance with safety standards helps to prevent injury and damage.

In Europe, all audio/video, IT and communication products must demonstrate compliance with EN 62368-1 by e/o 2020. The standards 60950-1 and 60065 are only effective until June 20, 2019 with a transition period to December 20, 2020.

Given the vast market for IT/AV products, it will be crucial for most manufacturers to have a transition plan for the new risk-based standard, both for Europe and worldwide.

We covered this topic during one of our latest webinars introducing the fundamentals of electrical safety. After the webinar we received a lot of feedback for dealing with the transition from EN 60950-1 to EN 62368-1 and we would like to highlight the most pressing questions here:

If my device is currently approved according to EN 60950-1,
does the device have to be recertified after 62368-1 comes into force?

The EN 60950-1 is currently still in force. The 60950-1 expires on December 20, 2020. For all devices that have already been sold (placed on the market) by then, the EN 60950-1 is still in force. If equipment continues to be produced after that date, a new certification of EN 62368-1 is mandatory to ensure the current safety aspect of the LVD. Manufacturer compliance must be renewed in any case.

Can delta tests be applied for devices tested according to 60950-1 and 60950-22,
or does the 62368-1 have to be completely “re-tested”?

Since this standard has a completely new approach, it must be completely retested. The 60950-22 is accepted in EN 62368-1 and does not require retesting.

If a product already complies to EN 60950; do you need to perform a full re-test according to EN 62368, or can a manufacturer issue a declaration of conformity (with perhaps some additional tests specific for EN 62368) since requirements (limits) are very similar for both standards?

We recommend a complete new test. The standards are very different in design and approach. If you as a manufacturer think that you can identify the differences and additions yourself, you can of course do that.

Are there counterparts to EN 62368-1 in other countries worldwide that have to be fulfilled?

There are no known counterparts to EN 62368-1. There are, however, other safety standards that industries can demand, but which are not mandatory from a regulatory approval point of view (e.g. CB Scheme or NRTL Scheme).


In case of further questions, we have compiled an overview of the most important general information on the subject for you on the electrical safety page in our product testing section.

For additional details, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: https://cetecomadvanced.com/en/contact/

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