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The two paths to Bluetooth SIG certification

Qualification processes with and without additional testing
Bluetooth® Special interest group

In addition to the regulatory approvals for Bluetooth products, approval in accordance with the requirements of the Bluetooth SIG is also required for the market launch:

  • Any device that wants to use Bluetooth technology and the Bluetooth logo must be tested in accordance with the “Bluetooth SIG Qualification Program“.


The Bluetooth SIG provides two different ways for the qualification process:

Path 1: Qualification process without additional testing

  • Usage of an already qualified Bluetooth product or subsystem from another member organization in your product without changing or adding Bluetooth features.
  • Purchase of a product manufactured by a third party and distribution with your company name or logo.
  • Creation of combinations that only affect qualified Bluetooth subsystem products and/or qualified Bluetooth end products, as long as no design changes have been made during the combination.

Path 2: Qualification process with additional testing

  • Creation of products or combinations that not only affect qualified Bluetooth subsystem products and/or qualified Bluetooth end products

Here it is important to note that official tests according to the requirements of the Bluetooth SIG may only be performed by so-called “Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities” (BQTF). The acceptance of the tests and the resulting approval according to the Bluetooth guidelines can only be carried out by a certified “Bluetooth Qualification Expert”.


Further details can be found on our Information page about Bluetooth SIG Certification.

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