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CETECOM now also designated as a technical service for EMC

The German Federal Motor Vehicle Authority (KBA) has now also designated CETECOM as a technical service for EMC
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Shortly after the designation as technical service for eCall, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has also designated CETECOM as a technical service for EMC and is therefore recognized for categories A and B.

As a technical service for eCall, CETECOM already offers approval testing for automated communication systems according to Regulation (EC) No. 2017/79. With the designation as technical service for EMC, CETECOM is now expanding its service portfolio for the automotive industry with the approval testing for electromagnetic compatibility according to UN-R 10 Series of Amendments 05 (Appendices 4-6 and 11-16).

With this expansion of our designation as a technical service for Federal Motor Transport Authority, we are sharpening our service offering for the automotive sector“, explains CETECOM CEO Wilfried Klassmann. “With such a diversified service portfolio, we are the ideal licensing partner for the automotive industry when it comes to wireless communications.

In addition to the designation for the technical service for eCall and EMC and the related testing services, CETECOM’s portfolio includes, among other things, the regulatory approval testing for EMC, radio, electrical safety, SAR/MPE and wireless charging (Qi). In addition, CETECOM offers approvals according to automotive manufacturer specifications, eCall and ERA-GLONASS approvals as well as V2X tests.

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