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WTS-80 – Fast tester of radiation performance and of unwanted radiation

Testing a wireless device on your wireless test bench.
Mobile radio laboratory WTS-80

We offer a small benchtop test system that is useful for development and optimizing spurious emissions and RF antenna performance. A shielded environment is required for these tests.

The main competitive advantage of our WTS-80 is the six patented circular broadband antennas which cover all six main directions of radiation without the need for moving the device while testing.

This is useful for a large number of tests within a frequency range between 300 MHz and 13 GHz. The shielded box is small enough to pass through every standard office door (80 cm), is equipped with a DUT support, and a filtered 230 V power supply. The whole system is made in Germany and we also provide tailored switching units for using high pass filters for measuring harmonics of e.g. IoT devices using LTE, NB-IoT, Cat M1 or GPRS technology.

Please find more information about our fast tester of radiation performance and of unwanted radiation in our WTS-80 product sheet.

In case of any questions or if you are interested in our WTS-80, feel free to get in touch with us: https://cetecomadvanced.com/en/contact/

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