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Vodafone renews CETECOM recognition for OTA testing

The recognition enables CETECOM to perform tests according to Vodafone Specification for Terminals on Over the Air RF Performance V5.1.
OTA Testing Situation in Audio Laboratory

CETECOM is one of the world’s leading providers of Over-the-Air (OTA) testing services, with laboratories in Milpitas (Silicon Valley) and Essen (Germany).

In our laboratories, OTA tests are performed to prove the performance and reliability of wireless devices and their antennas as well as other components.

For years, CETECOM has held a Vodafone recognition for network operator-specific OTA testing. This recognition has now been confirmed, so that CETECOM is officially allowed to perform OTA tests according to the Vodafone specifications “Vodafone Specification for Terminals on Over the Air RF Performance V5.1”.

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