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Qi2: Pioneering the Future of Wireless Charging

cetecom advanced earns accreditation for Qi2 testing and certification from the WPC

In the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless technology, the need for standardized testing and validation processes has never been greater. As devices become increasingly reliant on wireless charging capabilities, ensuring their compatibility, safety, and performance is paramount. This is where the new Qi2 (pronounced ‘chee two’) standard steps in, marking a significant leap forward in wireless charging standards. Qi2’s Magnetic Power Profile will ensure that phones or other rechargeable battery-powered mobile products are perfectly aligned with charging devices, thus providing improved energy efficiency and faster charging.

As an accredited laboratory, cetecom advanced will conduct rigorous testing on a diverse array of wireless charging devices. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in wireless technology will ensure that the Qi2 objectives are met with precision. From measuring charging efficiency to assessing electromagnetic compatibility, cetecom advanced will play a pivotal role in guaranteeing that certified devices are at the forefront of wireless charging innovation.

The introduction of the Qi2 standard and the accreditation of cetecom advanced mark a significant step forward in the realm of wireless charging. As our world becomes more connected, the need for seamless and reliable charging experiences becomes paramount. With the assurance provided by Qi2 certification and cetecom advanced rigorous testing, consumers can confidently embrace the wireless future.

You want to know more about Qi2? Just take a look at our in-depth article about the advantages of Qi2 in our Knowledge Center.

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