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Paraguay – Resolution 1269/2020 for RFID, SRD and LPWAN equipment issued

The resolution permits the use of the 918 - 928 MHz frequency range.

The responsible authority Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL) has recently announced the release of Resolución 1269/2020, which updates the National Frequency Allocation Plan with regards to radio frequency identification equipment (RFID), short-range radio communication devices (SRD) and low-power area networks (LPWAN) devices in Paraguay.

Resolución 1269/2020 permits the use of the 918 – 928 MHz frequency range for such devices, while establishing the operating conditions and procedures for the authorization of such equipment in Paraguay.

If manufacturers wish to use this frequency band, a label on the device or a statement in the User Manual will be required, to state the following:
“En Paraguay, este equipo deberá ser configurado para operar con las limitaciones establecidas en la norma Técnica NTC-RF-918:2020 de la CONATEL”.

The power limits for such devices are as follows:

  • RFID Antenna beam width:
    • <=1W ERP | no restriction
    • 1W <= 2W ERP | <= 180°
    • 2W <= 4W ERP | <= 90°
  • Digital modulation: 2W ERP
  • Other: 50mV/m (-1.23dBm) ERP

We have prepared further information on the market approval for Paraguay on the corresponding subpage for you.

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