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Mexico – IFT has published new Conformity Assessment Procedure

This new procedure will come in force in February 2021.

The Mexican Regulator, Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT), has published a new Conformity Assessment Procedure for telecommunications products in the Mexican Official Gazette (DOF) that will enter into force on 25th February 2021.

The new procedure covers several areas related to the approval for the Mexican market:

  • Holders of NYCE RF Certificates of Conformity (CoC) must now obtain the corresponding IFT Approval certificate. If not, both certificates will be cancelled. Prior to this, it was sufficient to obtain the NYCE RF CoC in some cases, such as, where manufacturers obtained a CoC for a host and leveraged the modular IFT Approval.
  • CoCs and test reports can no longer be transferred. This means that each importer must obtain their own NYCE RF CoC and IFT Approval.
  • Four certification schemes are introduced. According to the needs of the importer and to improve market surveillance depending on the product category assignee:
    • Single batch
    • Single model and surveillance
    • Family of products and surveillance
    • Telecommunications or broadcasting device and surveillance

We have prepared further information on the market approval for Mexico on the corresponding subpage for you.

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