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Japan: MIC has recently published updates for Ultra Wide Band and mmWave radar regulations

The updates have been published under Ordinance No.87.
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Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has recently released an update under Ordinance No.87 which revised the previous regulations pertaining to:

  • Radio Equipment Regulations
  • Enforcement of Radio Law regulations
  • Technical Regulations to specific radio equipment

The update to Ordinance  No. 87 impacts the usage of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) systems for outdoor use as well as for mmWave radar systems deployed in Japan.

The ministry now allows the use of the 7.25 to 9 GHz band to be used for UWB systems and clarifies that the devices using this technology should also comply with the following parameters:

  • The device must have an average antenna power of -41.3dBm/MHz or below.
  • The peak antenna power must be 0 dBm/50 MHz or less.
  • The tolerance of occupied frequency bandwidth should be 1.75GHz
  • The frequency bandwidth for radiant power is 10 dB lower than the maximum radiant power: 450MHz or greater.
  • The device housing should be designed to prevent easy opening.

The updated regulation also modified the requirements for mmWave radars working within the 60GHz bands.  Specifically the following updates were made:

  • pulse amplitude modulation type
  • the frequency allocation to 57GHz – 54GHz
  • antenna power is limited to 12dBm or lower
  • the EIRP should be 17dBm or lower

More information on the approval requirements and processes for Japan can be found here.

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