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4G technology for networked devices mandatory in Saudi Arabia from 2020

In addition, a wide range of CITC requirements must be complied with.
Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the Communications and Information Technology Commission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (CITC) mandates that network-based devices (including mobile phones and tablets, as well as smart watches) must support 4G technology as a prerequisite for approval of such devices in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the CITC now informs that all networked devices for M2M communication (M2M) must support 4G technology in a timely manner. This extension of the device specification will come into force on 1 January 2020 and has been communicated without a transitional period so far.

In addition, the cellular communication devices must carry the CITC-E label and at the same time meet the technical requirements to activate the Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) Alert used on site.

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