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EMC test for railway technology

EMC test for railways
and railway technology

Many electronic and electrical components come together in the area around railways. This includes both train components and technical devices that passengers use inside and outside the train.

In order to ensure that these devices and parts work together smoothly, they must be tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). To do this, rely on the expertise of cetecom advanced.

EMC tests for railway technology – applied standards

The testing of the electromagnetic compatibility of ticket machines, track and signal box electronics, electronic alarm systems, vehicle control electronics or sensors is carried out in our certified EMC laboratories in accordance with the following standards:


Testing according to EN 50121-x

The EN 50121-x series of standards is used to ensure that electrical and electronic railway equipment can be operated in an electromagnetic environment without causing interference or being affected by interference. The standard covers a wide range of devices and systems, such as signaling devices, communication systems, railway electronics, switchgear, power supply systems, cables and wires.


Testing according to EN 50155

The EN 50155 standard is also used for EMC measurement in railways and railway technology, especially for devices used in rolling stock such as trains or trams. The standard specifies requirements for electrical operation and the operating environment. It also defines requirements regarding EMC, temperature, vibrations, humidity and other environmental influences.


Our EMC tests for railway technology according to EN 50155 / EN 50121-x include a wide range of tests to ensure that electrical devices in the railway sector can be operated reliably and safely in an electromagnetically demanding environment. EMC tests include, for example, measurement of radiated and conducted interference, measurement of immunity to radiated fields and conducted interference, measurement of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other specific procedures.

Our laboratories are constantly adapted to current technical requirements and we therefore guarantee accurate results in a professional and technically high-quality environment

We carry out all EMC tests based on various internationally harmonized EMC standards. Our test reports are recognized by official bodies and regulatory authorities around the world.

Would you also like to be on site for the tests? That’s no problem: modern customer workstations and retreat rooms as well as the direct line to the cetecom advanced employees ensure a targeted but relaxed stay with us.